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New Homes: 
When building a new home, it is extremely important to install pre-wiring for any technology systems you would like in your home. This can include built-in audio and video systems, intercoms, video surveillance, home networking and security systems. We are trained in Lutron's newest lighting control system, Radio RA2, which allows you to install lighting, temperature, and shade control in new and retrofit applications. Lighting control is a great way to decrease your energy consumption while increasing the comfort of your home. This system is can also be controlled by the latest smart phone technology.

Lenard Electric

Additions and Remodeling:
Planning an addition to your home, or remodeling a portion of your home. This is a great time to install the latest technology upgrades for your home. The demolition that is required to complete most remodeling projects may give us access to areas of the home in which we can install state of the art cabling. Computer networking cabling, staelite or cable tv, high speed internet wires, "smart" lighting controls and more. We understand the stress that can happen during the construction of an addition or remodeling an existing home. We will work hard to make sure we complete your project timely and with minimal interruption to your family. Give us a call during the design process and we will help make sure your project goes smoothly.

Architectural Audio and Video:
Theres is not a better time to install built-in audio and video systems than during the construction phase of your project. Retrofitting these systems can be very expensive, and in some cases, impossible to do without removing wall or ceiling finishes. We can install systems using entry level components that can make them very affordable, or we can install the most elaborate of home theaters with computerized integration systems.  We can also install wiring for your home computer network, DSL distribution lines, telephone wiring and "smart" lighting controls. Ask about the systems you interested in-we would be happy to talk to you!