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Commercial Services

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If you are looking for a contractor to provide reliable and honest service, call us today. Whether you are in need of electrical maintenance, remodeling an existing office, or are planning an expansion, our experienced electricians will provide the quality you demand for your next project. If you are looking to make some lighting upgrades or are interested in energy saving options to light your business, we can help.  Insurance offices, hotels, manufacturing companies, retaurants, retail shops, and banking facilities are just some of the companies that we are proud to call our customers.  Let us show you what a difference our service can make.

Gantry Machine

Efficiency Upgrades
With the latest technology, you will be amazed at what the newest fluorescent lights can do for you and your employees. By designing a new lighting package for you, we can increase the light output, providing a safer and happier working environment, while at the same time, lowering your power consumption. Many lighting upgrades also qualify for rebates from your local electrical utility. Call us today for a free consultation. Lenard Electric has the experience to get the job done right and on your schedule!

Lenard Electric

Additions and Remodeling:
Planning an office expansion or maybe just changing the layout of an existing space? We understand the stress that can happen during the renovation of an existing office or business. We will work hard to make sure we complete your project timely and with minimal interruption to your business operations. Give us a call during the design process and we will help make sure your project goes smoothly.

Old Electrical Service
Does Your Service Look Like This?

Service Upgrades:
Tired of replacing fuses or maybe you are expanding your business? Install a new circuit breaker panel and increase the the ease of use and increase the reliabilty of  your electrical system. We are experienced in three phase and single phase services, and will install the appropriate amperage and voltage that is needed at your business. We install new services on multi-family homes, duplexes, apartments, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and retail businesses.


Milbank Generators:
Lenard Electric is a proud to install Milbank standby generators. Nothing can hurt a business more than a power outage. Refrigeration equipment, cash registers, fuel pumps and lighting all go out in the event of a power outage. Without any required action by you or your employees, your Milbank standby generator is ready to assume control of your electrical needs when a power outage occurs. Unlike a portable generator, there is no need to head outside to start the generator, connect extension cords, or add fuel. They operate on LP or natural gas and connect in seconds, and disconnect when utility power is restored. Don’t wait for the next power outage, be prepared today. Can you afford to be out of business for even a few hours!!

Berko Heating Products

Electric Heating:
Everyone knows how volatile fossil fuel pricing can be. Electric heat is safe, reliable, efficient and, with the installation of Dual Fuel of Off Peak electric heating systems, very affordable. Electric heat can be installed in any business, and is a great way to save money. Fan forced heaters, baseboard heaters, plenum heaters and boilers are just a few ways to take advantage of heating with electricity. To find out more about affordable heating plans offered by your local electrical utility visit the links listed below.

Coop Light and Power of Two Harbors

Lake Country Power

Minnesota Power